What We Do

Quality Inspection Service (QIS) is a third party, Meat Industry Service Provider. We have been working with the country’s largest grocer in their meat receiving distribution centers for over 20 years, as well as other well known grocery chains. The receiving inspection program put together by QIS is viewed by many suppliers as the industry model. It is essentially a specification verification program that identifies areas of retail shrink and makes claims back to the vendors when warranted. These claims often result in reductions of several dollars per box due to short weights, long tails, or excess leakers.

The hallmarks of the QIS Inspection Program are credibility and consistency. All inspection results are documented and tabulated so that the results of each supplier, down to the establishment number, can be summarized. Knowing which supplier provides the best tail measurements or has excessive vacuum leakers has proven to be extremely valuable information, especially to the procurement departments.

QIS also is involved in other areas such as yield testing, quality audits, etc. Let us know how we can assist in demonstrating the value of the QIS system in your operation.

Our Customers