Due to the many years of associated relationships and delivering results with credible conclusions, Quality Inspection Service (QIS) is called upon as a recognized leader in the industry for a wide array of Meat Consulting and Third Party involvement. Listed are many ways which demonstrate why QIS is the “preferred choice” for professional assistance when help is needed in the meat industry.


Credit System

  • proactive, timely
  • consistent uniformity


  • reliable
  • available on a “real time” basis


  • refined standards
  • via comparative data accumulation

Consulting Projects

  • packaging
  • yield evaluation
  • shelf life studies

Production Methods and Process Improvements

  • pork, beef, and ground beef production
  • ranges from primal, sub primal, to retail case ready

Weight Verification Evaluation Protections

  • protects clients from losses
  • results in revamping procedures in prepackaged poultry products

Transportation and Logistics

  • safe handling
  • temperature evaluations

Sanitation Programs

The business partners of QIS have a strong relationship of over 33 years. Their values, ethics, and integrity are never negotiable or questioned. Their strength is in their partnership of combined knowledge and abilities and a desire to do what is right. This solidifies their objectivity and ability to be a strong and credible Third Party Service Provider.

Our Customers