Launch QUADs


QIS’ philosophy is centered on managements ability to actively access, interpret and react to audit results.  QIS has developed software technology to facilitate the flow of information through our new state of the art web base system that enables companies to real time product audits. In order to maintain objectivity of audit report analysis, we provide the ability to manage the audit questionnaire, the data analysis and reporting process. 

-QUADS is an Active Quality Assurance System that provides a secure online database system to record, calculate and evaluate quality control inspections.  Whether you are evaluating Beef, Chicken, Pork or Vegetables, QUADS provides the platform to improve the overall quality of the products provided to consumers.

-Our QUADS software is a web-based software tool that is easily incorporated into your operations. QUADS provides your company with continuous monitoring procedures that are critical to maintaining your performance benchmarks. The QUADS system has a wide possible usage and is presently used by various sectors of the food industry. 

-QUADS essentially becomes your virtual auditor allowing you to conduct quality assurance audits  to increase audit frequency while controlling the overall cost of managing a QA program.  The “virtual” audit is conducted by our clients own appointed personnel and analyzed by a QIS auditor, thereby ensuring continued objectivity when providing reports and scores to the client.  

-Our web-based QUADS software program enables your management team to access and interpret audit results at any time wherever there is an Internet connection; allowing the client continuous access to current and historical data. Our on-line quality assurance management system uses Statistical Analysis and Observation to identify issues requiring attention.


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